Comfort Collection

Comfort collection development began with working with a recognisable symbol for loss (in the UK, at least), the poppy. Instead of using the typical shape of the paper poppy, the shape of a poppy seed head was interpreted for the central fulcrum of the piece.

Comfort collection Fulcrum part created in CAD and rendered as Sterling Silver.

The journey began with considering feelings of mourning and loss. Changing the material of the central part to colour to black, the ambition was for the pieces above, consisting of two of the central ring fulcrums, to representing feelings of emptiness, loss and mourning (below).

‘Mourning’ Comfort Ring Collection 3D printed nylon. Photograph, J Wilson.

Moving on towards stimulating feelings of comfort, ‘Poppy Comfort Ring’ was designed. The silk ribbons are the warming colour of sunshine and the Californian poppy. The silk ribbons that fall around the hand when wearing this ring contain small haematite beads. The contrasting weight, movement, temperature and texture of each material is designed to stimulate the emotion of comfort for the wearer via haptic memories of hand holding with a loved one.

‘Comfort Ring’ 3D printed and cast in sterling silver. Hand dyed and hand sewn silk ribbons, haematite beads. Photographs, J Wilson.

Altering the materials and colours towards the iconic plastic poppy, ‘Remembrance’ was created.

Remembrance’ Comfort Ring Collection, 3D printed nylon, hand dyed and hand sewn silk, haematite beads. Photograph, J Wilson.

As was the ‘Poppy Ring’ adaptation.

Poppy ring’ Comfort ring collection, 3D printed steel, hand dyed silk.

The final piece added to the collection was ‘Finger Scarf’.

‘Finger Scarf’ Comfort Ring Collection. Photograph, J Wilson.

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