Earth Amulet 2020

Earth Amulet 2020, 3D render.

In generations past, Amulets were used to protect the human wearer from the troubled world or bad energies around them. ‘Earth Amulet 2020’ aims to highlight that conversely, our troubled planet needs protection from our individual human actions. Elements of the Chinese lantern skeleton (a traditional symbol for protection) were used as the overall design aesthetic. Representative of delicate mini ecosystems, the pieces are delicate and can be easily damaged by the wearers actions. The focal centrepiece is based around the hand, as the hand is expressive of many of our physical actions, including emphasising our spoken language. Ear pieces in the collection are included as a reminder to evaluate rhetoric and social influences, in order to consider whether these influences are shaping our individual actions towards a negative impact on humanity or the environment.

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