Vulcan 3D Prints a ring for Venus.

Having always been an avid follower of environmental issues, it didn’t take long for me to expand the well-being concepts from individual to incorporate planetary well-being as a topic of conversation.

Vulcan 3D prints a ring for Venus, 3D Printed nylon, 22ct gold leaf, sterling silver leaf, upcycled pearls and gems.

This ring was developed whilst exploring issues regarding the wellbeing of our oceans and shore lines, highlighting our habits of polluting them and consequently our food chains. Vulcan stands as a link to metalsmithing tradition and longevity and the scallop, as part of our food chain and as the vessel of Venus’s birth according to Botticelli’s painting. 3D printing is a fantastic technology that is an additive manufacturing process that can help reduce waste, but sadly, many of the 3D printed materials are not biodegradable or recyclable (at the time of creating this piece, 2014).

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